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Christine Cother

BA (Lib.)

Leading innovative change in university libraries since 1993

In December 2008, Christine was awarded an individual Vice Chancellor’s Award for General Staff Excellence - Working Smarter, getting results at the University of South Australia. This award was received as a result of a range of activities including the transition to a ‘single service point’ model of service, the implementation of the Library Telephone Enquiry Service, the implementation of Quality Assurance and a range of lean activities described in detail in a paper delivered at the 2009 IATUL Conference in Leuven Belguim (see below).

Throughout her career Christine has led major change projects including:

- the Library Telephone Enquiry Service as a means of increasing the hours of access to immediate assistance with library resources and services for internal and external students working at home or their workplace outside the normal operating hours of the Flexible Delivery Service.

- the University of South Australia Library’s Access and Enquiry Service as an outcome of a restructure of client services, by bringing together reference, lending, flexible and document delivery services across all library locations

- a virtual reference service utilising OCLC QuestionPoint. This service has evolved into a suite of services branded ‘Ask the Library’ and now includes email, chat and telephone services.

- the successfully tender and management of the Open Learning Australia (OLA), later the Open University Australia (OUA) Library Service from March 1998 – March 2006

- establishment of the National Periodical Service for Schools (NAPSS) in 1993.  This service continued to operate until December 2004, by which time is was obvious, due to the increasing availability of full text information services that this service was no longer viable.  During the period that the service operated, over $400,000 of income was generated and NAPSS won the vice Chancellor’s Award for Community Service. 


Bachelor of Arts, Library and Information Management BA (LIM). University of South Australia
Certificate of Applied Social Science, Library Technician.  Box Hill College of TAFE
Train the trainer.  Competency to category 1 level 4.

Professional memberships
Associate Member, Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)
Member, ALIA Information Science (SA)
Member, ALIA (SA) State Committee – representing ALIA Information Science (SA

Vice Chancellor’s Award for General Staff Excellence – Individual Winner 2008
Vice Chancellor’s Award for Equity – Team Commendation 2004
Vice Chancellor’s Award for General Staff Excellence – Team Commendation 2003
Vice Chancellor’s Award for General Staff Excellence – Team Winner 1999
Vice Chancellor’s Award for Community Service – Team Winner 1996

Papers and presentations

It’s easy being lean: a personal perspective- a presentation delivered at Leaner not meaner: strategies for improving services in difficult times, ALIA Information Science (SA) Seminar, University of South Australia, 21 October 2009

From big change to no change: discovering lean through action, 30th annual IATUL conference.  Just for you, Quality through Innovation, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Arenberg, Belguim, 1-4 June 2009

Flexible Delivery Service – Your Library @ your place: New and emerging initiatives – 2003/4 – a presentation at the University of South Australia Liaison Librarians Meeting, Friday 5 September 2003.

ILL service delivery implications when end users have access to Kinetica – a presentation at the Kinetica Annual user Meeting (KAUM), Adelaide, SA 21-22 August 2003

Online Reference @ the University of South Australia - Your Library @ your place – a presentation at Virtual Reference - Alive and Clicking, ALIA (SA) Joint Symposium, 16 May 2003.

A report on Resource Sharing activities in the University Sector since October 2000 – a presentation at the National Resource Sharing Forum and Field Day 11 and 12 November 2002

Service delivery to others: Sourcery at the University of South Australia Library – presented at an ALIA (SA) evening seminar, September 2002
Quality assurance and models of service in an environment of change – joint paper with Stephen Parnell.  Distance Learning Library services.  10th Off-Campus Library Services Conference, Cincinnati Ohio, April 2002.  (Also published in the JLA Journal of Library Administration, volume 37, issue 1/ 2, 2002.)

Quality assurance and models of service in an environment of change; the journey from rhetoric to reality – a presentation delivered at 10th Off-Campus Library Services Conference, Cincinnati Ohio, April 2002.

Distance Education Library Services: From Cottage industry to virtual information service – a presentation at ‘Distance Education: Past, Present & Future’ NodesNet, National Open & Distance Education Student network, 7th Annual Conference, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton Campus 6-9 July 1998

Interlibrary loans and document delivery: the ‘tech knowlogy’ connection. 7th National Library Technicians Conference, Adelaide 1993.

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