Change Management

Cother Consulting facilitates major change programs tailored to each company's particular requirement. A typical program may involve:
  • Carrying out an initial business diagnostic or enterprise review.
  • Helping the company develop a shared vision for the future. Working with the management team to develop a strategic plan for the business.
  • Working with the company to re-engineer business processes and develop a more effective organisation structure.
  • Helping the company develop more effective physical layouts of factory and office.
  • Working with the company to implement self-managing teams and business units.
  • Working with the company to implement total quality management and just in time and providing training to support this.
  • Investigating information systems requirements to match the requirements of the new organ isation.
  • Facilitating skill audits as a basis for determining training.
  • Team-building of management teams and work teams.
  • Working alongside managers and supervisors as they make the transition to the new leadership style.

Strategic Planning, Business Planning and Enterprise Reviews

We have developed effective planning processes which can be tailored to suit varied needs, including:
  • conducting surveys and focus groups with customers and other stakeholders
  • compiling and analysing industry information
  • facilitating planning and decision making workshops
  • facilitating and training others in group planning processes such as storyboarding
  • managing large group processes up to 150 people for issue identification and industry cluster formation

In conjunction with New Directions Network, Cother Consulting has developed the Value Alignment Matrix Process (VAMP). This is a strategic planning and business analysis process aimed at dramatic improvement in company performance by focusing on customer value, and the key elements of the value chain that create or influence that value.

Product Commercialisation

Cother Consulting assists companies develop superior approaches to new product development in order to improve the success rate of new products, reduce time t o market and improve the effectiveness of the product development process.

Cother Consulting can offer systematic approaches to improving new product development. These encompass the re-engineering of the product development process and implementation of concurrent engineering, adoption of computer-based systems to support new product development, project management approaches, skills development and new product team building.

In conjunction with Applied Design Development, Cother Consulting developed the Product Commercialisation Improvement Process (PCIP) for the South Australian Centre for Manufacturing.

Cother Consulting developed the Applied Ideas Product Commercialisation Program for CraftSouth. This program links self-employed designer-makers with manufacturing companies to develop products that combine high design values with sound manufacturing and commercial potential. Cother Consulting delivered the first program in Adelaide in 2002 in conjunction with Fingo Design. This program is available to be run interstate and overseas.

Management Information Systems

Cother Consulting can advise on the effective use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) systems.

Cother Consulting is closely involved with the Australasian Production and Inventory Control Society   (APICS)  in South Australia. We can advise on the business processes that underpin ERP/MRPII and how to get the best out of an ERP/MRPII system.

We have delivered numerous in-house education programs for companies implementing these systems and have consulted with companies to assist them determine their requirements.

e-Business, Value Chains, Supply Chains, Business Networks and Business Clusters

Cother Consulting has an impressive track record in managing major projects in inter-firm collaboration.

Our most recent success has been with the Rossi Boots Value Chain Management Project. Rossiter's Pty Ltd, manufacturers of Rossi Boots engaged Cother Consulting Pty Ltd, in collaboration with 36-400 Consulting Pty Ltd, to implement advanced web-based communications with suppliers, agents, retailers and end consumers. This project achieved national prominence through the Australian Government's Value Chain Management Program.

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ISO9001 Implementation

Cother Consulting can provide professional guidance in developing an effective quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO9001:2008.

Implemented well, ISO9001 will enhance the performance of your business. We will work with you to ensure that your quality management system suits your needs while meeting the requirements of the standard.

Other Workshops and Training Services

Cother Consulting has facilitated a wide variety of workshops and training programs designed to meet a specific development or decision making outcome. These include:

  • Senior Executive team-building programs
  • Vision setting and strategic planning workshops
  • Team Management Systems (TMS) management development workshops
  • Self-managing team and cross-functional team development
  • Lean tools and techniques workshops
  • Workshops demonstrating the principles of Lean
  • Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRPII) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) workshops
  • APICS Certification courses
  • Product development workshops
  • Task and skills analysis
  • Storyboard workshops
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